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Ashii Black: Because Two Penises are Better Than One
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Age Statement + Transformative Works

Age Statement: I am over the age of 18!

Transformative Works and Blanket Permission: I, ashiiblack hereby give permission to any author to use any of my work posted here or in other locations for the purposes of transformative works (remixes, podfic, translation, poetry, video, whatever). With this permission, I DO ask that you a) give me credit where credit is due, b) link back to the original text (if it's a podfic, please also link back to the original author's text as well) c) do not post my original work anywhere else without my express permission, and d) notify me where it is posted, as I would love to link to your work on my page!
Who I am:

I primarily ship:

I've been known to also ship:

I read primarily H/D, but I write primarily Snarry. Don't ask me how it works, it just does. I have been known to explore around in the AS/S verse as well, but that's only if a favorite author writes one.

I have been writing fanfiction for over 10 years now. It started out in middle school, when I wrote Mary-Sue style Buffy fics, then progressed to H/D. I took a break for about 6 years, and I've been back in the fandom for a year or so. used to be where I did my writing, but I got more and more sick with their nonsense and now hang out primarily on LJ. All of the good stuff gets put on LJ anyways (or at least links are given to outside sites).
Other + Friending Policy

If you wish to add me and I don't know who you are, please introduce yourself! I will almost always add you back!

I'm heavily involved in authoring for fests. A goal of mine for 2013 is to step it up and mod something.
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